Licensed CA Life Agent #0C32917


Nathan joined LPL Financial in 2003. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) and he has been active in the financial industry since 1995, previously working for Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch Investments. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from San Diego State University.

His certification as a CFP® indicates he has completed and continues to complete rigorous education, experience and examination requirements set forth by the CFP Board of Standards. Nathan also has FINRA series 7, 24, 63, 65 registrations with LPL Financial and a Licensed CA Life Agent #0C32917.

Nathan’s areas of emphasis are retirement planning and tax-advantaged investing. He has earned the designation of Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC). He advises his clients —individuals, estates, and trusts — with the goal of providing efficient strategies that maximize income and minimize tax liability. An avid surfer, Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife Nicol and children, Juliana and Quintin. He is also a practitioner of Korean martial arts.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help you and your family clearly assess your financial situation, define your financial goals and dreams, and then chart a specific and successful path to the attainment of your financial goals. We want to help you implement this strategy and monitor the progress of the plan over the coming years while making modifications when circumstances warrant.

We believe that money is an important tool needed to accomplish your dreams and goals, whatever those aspirations may be. We serve a community that values the leverage that a competent financial advisor brings to the table. Our successful clients are too busy living lives pursuing their passions and chose to delegate this essential function to a trustworthy professional.

We exist to deliver to you: A relationship that is based on competence and integrity; Performance that is reasonable and based on recommendations that are grounded in well-established financial planning principles; and high level service that is respectful and timely.

Core Principles Our core principles should give you confidence that we should be your choice for your financial needs


You have entrusted a great deal to us and this is a responsibility that we take seriously. To ensure this, we have aligned our goals with yours, so that as you succeed, we succeed with you.


In the ever-evolving world of personal finance, we are committed to consistently improving our skill-set through our efforts of continuing education – workshops, certifications, and self-study.


Perhaps the greatest downside of investment success is the overconfidence that can accompany it. By recognizing and proactively approaching this, we want to help you pursue your goals.


Doing what is right is easy when times are easy. True character is tested when difficult situations arise. We set ourselves apart by demonstrating our courage in the face of adversity by following the guidance of these core principles.


Looking at the world through our clients’ eyes elicits in us a level of respect for where you are coming from and where you want to go. This perspective gives us the ability to construct a framework that is in alignment with your values and objectives.


Your financial affairs are your business alone. Our clients are interconnected and in no way do we allude to or discuss your finances with anyone other than with business associates who are working with us to accomplish your goals.


No one person can do it all. We have constructed a diversified team of specialists coming from different personal and professional backgrounds who follow these principles to efficiently assist you with your financial needs.


Like any relationship, the relationship between you and us will develop overtime and grow stronger as the years pass as we better understand your goals and preferences. Keeping communications open helps to reinforce this.


We seek to simplify the financial component of your life by helping you assess your current financial situation, define your goals and objectives, and charting a successful path to the attainment of those goals and objectives. By having this clearly defined path, your work becomes simple by leveraging our competence and teamwork.


Our mission and vision are the guiding lights to make your financial goals and objectives a reality. By always implementing these principles, we are able to assist you in a manner that is effective, just, and understandable.

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